16th Annual Maui Asset Protection and Growth Conference
December 1-6, 2016
Sheraton Hotel and Resort
Maui, Hawaii
EarthYP has again gathered the leading Business Growth and Asset Protection Experts
  •      Risk Mitigation Strategies
  •      Business Growth Strategies
  •      Network with top Business Leaders
  •      And So Much More...
4 Days, 8am-1pm, filled with valuable information for your business.

Thursday December 1
Day 1-Growth Program  

You Can Build A $100M Company
William DeTemple- Key Note Speaker 

Branding Your Business for Growth
Luis Mendoza

How to Live a Laptop Lifestyle
Daven Michaels

Friday December 2
Day 2-Growth Program


The Power of Landing Pages
Jerry Royse

Saturday December 3
Sunday December 4
Weekend off to enjoy the island

Monday December 5
Day 3-Asset Protection  
Tax Free Investing
The Anderson Group

Trusts, Estates and Probate Planning
The Anderson Group

Tuesday December 6
Day 4-Asset Protection
Building Business Credit
The Anderson Group

Risk Management
The Anderson Group
$2,992 Value
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Business Growth Program                        $499
Asset Protection Program                         $999
Asset Protection Consultation                   $495
Website SEO Analysis                              $499
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Held at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel and Resort on Ka'annapali Beach

Room Rates Discounted for Participants

Resort View $185/night

Partial Ocean View $210/night

Ocean View $225/night

Keynote Speaker
William DeTemple
You Can Build a $100M Company
-"Raise Captial Quickly"
-"You Can Build a $100 Million Company"

Board Member Angel Pool Organization
  • How to Overcome Your Biggest Challenge
  • The Secret of How to Scale Your Business
  • How to Hire for Excellence
  • The Art of Raising Capital
  • Lessons from 15 Founders of $100+ Million Companies
  • Globally Recognized Business Growth CoachRapid Growth CEO
  • Professional CEO
  • Successful Serial Entrepreneur of 4 Rapid Growth Companies 
  • Best Selling Author
  • International Keynote Speaker 
  • Board Member
  • Member Angel Pool Advisory Board
  • Member Angel Capital Association
  • Over 20 years Coaching & Training Entrepreneurs
  • The Trusted Authority for Business Performance
$2,992 Value
Register today and get $1,995 Discount
Enter Promo Code MAUI2016
Special VIP Package:
Business Growth Program                        $499
Asset Protection Program                         $999
Asset Protection Consultation                   $495
Website SEO Analysis                              $499
Incentive Gift Card                                    $500
Pay only $997!
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Guest Speakers

Daven Michaels is an American writer and entrepreneur. He is known for his New York Times best-selling book Outsource Smart: Be Your Own Boss ... Without Letting Your Business Become the Boss of You, published by McGraw Hill.

Daven Michaels started his first entrepreneurship project at the age of 15, a company that designed clothing for several established bands in the 1980s and 1990s, some of which aired on MTV. In 1987, Michaels started a telecommunications company, which expanded to 60 cities in the United States before being sold.

In 2006, Michaels founded 123Employee, an overseas outsourcing firm based in the Philippines that offers virtual assistants to small and medium-sized businesses. “This book gives you great ideas and strategies to save time and money, and serve your customers better than you could trying to do it all by yourself.” – Brian Tracy, author of Now, Build a Great Business “Outsource Smart picks up where the 4 Hour Work Week left off…” – Beejal Parmar, VP, 123Employee “Outsource Smart is a must read for someone wanting to live the laptop lifestyle.” – Mike Filsaime, Internet Marketing expert

Dear Friend,My name is Daven Michaels, CEO of 123Employee, the premier outsourcing service center in the Philippines with hundreds of employees, and today I live what most would consider to be the dream lifestyle…

…and I manage several other business including:

  • Record Producer
  • Singer & Songwriter
  • TV & Film Producer
  • Internet Marketer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Networking Marketing
  • Real Estate Investor

 I am able to do ALL this thanks to one very important business key: ‘Outsourcing’

Today I speak on stages all over the world teaching entrepreneur how to build a successful virtual business that they can manage from their laptop and cell phone from any location in the world that has internet access (and that’s pretty much most places these days), and how to develop multiple income streams leveraging virtual employees.

More Importantly, when you pick up your copy of my new book ‘Outsource Smart’ you will discover how all this is possible for YOU!!!

The New York Times and Los Angeles Times Bestseller
Be your own boss, do what you love, and live the entrepreneurial dream by putting your business on autopilot!

Filled with expert advice and practical tools, Outsource Smart reveals a proven system for developing and sharpening the productivity and problem-solving skills most essential to success. Learn how to hire, train, and manage a virtual assistant and successfully outsource all the critical tasks of running your own business.

"Outsource Smart is a must-read for someone wanting to live the laptop lifestyle." -- Mike Filsaime, Internet marketing expert 

"This book gives you great ideas and strategies to save time and money and serve your customers better than you could trying to do it all by yourself." -- Brian Tracy, coauthor of Now, Build a Great Business

"This book is fantastic. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to conquer the world of business today. The lesson here is that you cannot do it on your own. Daven shows the small-business person how to compete with the big boys and win." -- Les Brown, motivational speaker and author of Live Your Dreams

"If you are interested in working smart, achieving more, and joining the growing ranks of successful 'Laptop Entrepreneurs,' make sure you read Daven Michaels's outstanding book." -- Mark Anastasi, New York Times bestselling author of The Laptop Millionaire

Daven  Michaels

What's the biggest challenges you are facing in your business today?

1. Lack of Time

2. Need for Leads

You will gain strategies to generate unlimited leads for life!


You will learn how to outsource and delegate it all so you can focus on growing and scaling your business

Discover more focus, mental toughness and actionable strategy. Get inspired Take action on your dreams with your custom FLIGHT Plan.. 

You can learn a lot about success and excellence, and what it takes
to achieve both, by studying and observing elite organizations and individuals.

And that was one of the great privileges I took from my 8+ years as a Naval Aviator.

Greatness, like a fine wine, requires time to cultivate and refine. It doesn’t happen overnight, and in most cases, it comes as the byproduct of a passage through the gauntlet of challenge, risk, sacrifice and commitment.

And this applies to virtually any field of endeavor: athletics, business, music, art…it even applies to discovering our passions in life.

But sadly, the seduction of the promise of overnight success that seems to run rampant in our society, can trip up even the most focused and driven achiever.

Instead, it should be approached as a process, if not a project, to develop and refine our own greatness.

Join JT for an in-depth conversation on what it takes to cultivate the best in yourself…and others.

We’ll discuss:

– The power and importance of chasing YOUR vision (instead of someone else’s)

– Why “playing the dumps and dives” can be a necessary rite of passage to excellence

– How recognizing and appreciating your own talent trumps the acknowledgement from others

– Why “ready” is a myth (and how you are likely more ready than you think)

– Why hammering your craft every day is so crucial to paving the way to greatness

– The power of humility (and how it can accelerate your performance)

– and much more…

Tune in and get ready to launch your own greatness project.

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.


JT DeBolt

Learn how you can take your business to the next altitude.

One of the biggest stop:

3 strategies:

Tiji Thomas is a Home Business Coach,
Internet Marketer and 7-Figure Sales Expert helping people around the world to start and grow an online business.

Hey it’s Tiji Thomas here!

I consider myself an extremely fortunate individual. I have been around successful individuals my entire life, and I have found great models to emulate. This has helped me to find great success throughout my life.

I’m originally from Philadelphia and moved to the Houston area after meeting my wonderful wife. We have been married 16 years and have two amazing children.

I have my degree in math and engineering, but I’ve been attracted to sales and the selling process pretty much my entire life. I have had part time sales jobs almost my entire working career until I went full time about 12 years ago.

In the last 12 years, I have produced over $150,000,000 in revenues for my company.

I have produced as much as $150,000 in two weeks using the same system that I teach my students.

Selling is a lot easier when you understand the sales process and the psychology in dealing with your future customers or partners.

That is what I will be teaching. How to understand this mindset, and how you can increase your income immediately.

Tiji Thomas

Creator of the No Pressure Sales system and the Unselling System

Learn a unique way of selling that involves:

-no high pressure

-no sneakiness

-no intimidation

Build a powerful personal brand your way with
Luis Mendoza

Think about it. If you had a team to support you…

  • How much faster would your business grow?
  • How many more leads would you follow up with?
  • How many more sales calls could you make?
  • How many more vacation days would you have?
  • How much more would you enjoy your business?
The Anderson Group
America’s Leading Asset Protection Company

Anderson Business Advisors is a full-service business planning and consulting firm specializing in assisting real estate investors, stock market investors, and small business owners. Anderson serves clients nationally with headquarters in Seattle, WA and Las Vegas, NV. We have a full team of attorneys, business advisors, CPAs, a complete tax department, and wealth management and financial planning experts.

As a result of this course you will know about

  • Structuring Your Business to Cut Taxes
  • Limited Liability Entities to Protect Assets
  • Tax Free Investing Thru Advanced Retirement Structures
  • Trusts and Estate Planning
  • Building Business Credit to Open Investment Doors
  • Asset Protection for Investors Using Smart Entities
$2,992 Value
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Special VIP Package:
Business Growth Program                        $499
Asset Protection Program                         $999
Asset Protection Consultation                   $495
Website SEO Analysis                              $499
Incentive Gift Card                                    $500
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